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Gardening and Landscaping Services

Gardening and Landscaping Services

El-Jude Environmental Cleaning Services (EJECS) Limited provides Gardening, Landscaping and Water Fountains Services to our esteemed clients. Our years of experience combined with quality service delivery makes our company the right choice to entrust the responsibility of making your dream home or project. We always ensure that the exterior reflects your desire and satisfy our clients with a wrap of beautiful and serene nature around them. Ejecs has the skills to match the dynamics of customer aspirations and global trends. We take pride in serving Residential and Commercial Developers, including Health Care Providers, Educational Institutions, Parks, and Private Residences in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt. We have the capability in constructing a Memorial Park in the heart of the cities, Landscaping a Residential project, creating an Aesthetic Garden in a tiny balcony. Ejecs never disappoint a customer who approaches us with a unique expectation. We ensure customer satisfaction by paying attention to details, and flexible with scheduling.

Studies show that any kind of greenery, from soccer fields to local parks and even a vertical garden on your minuscule balcony can progressively transform your mood and boost your mental health, as long as it reflects the freshness you desire to have. Ejecs Limited endeavors to create such a green effect that lasts for a long time.

Some of the Gardening & Landscaping services offered by Ejecs

Ejecs offers Gardening (Vertical and Terrace) and Landscaping (Hardscape and Softscape) services of your choice.

These services also include:

• Landscape Lighting and Installation
• Landscape Irrigation Installation and Maintenance
• Landscape Design and Development
• Fountain Landscaping
• Lawn and Turf Management
• Trees and Stumps Removal
• Trees and Shrub Pruning and Hedging
• Water Gardens
• Patio
• Planting Beds (such as Flower Beds and Borders)
• Professional Weeding
• Edging of Flower Beds
• Edging and Mulching
• Lawn Renovation
• GreenWall and Vertical Garden
• Aquascapes
• Terrace Garden
• Murals

The passion and deep rooted experience always steer Ejecs to maintain quality intact, regardless the project size and time stipulations. Ejecs works with experienced Quality Assurance team, which during the entire course of the project from design to execution, and maintenance ensures that every stage is certified.

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