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Septic Tank Evacuation and Cleaning

Septic Tank Evacuation and Cleaning

We offer a full range of Septic Tank Services from Cleaning to Servicing for households in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu.

If toilets won’t flush, drains back-up, sewage leaks or the float alarm actives, El-jude professionals are available around the clock to solve your Residential, Industrial and Commercial septic system problems, including emergency plumbing services when you need them most. Our team will get there fast to get your septic system cleaned up and operating correctly. We have expertise and experience in Septic System Services.

Regardless of the type of business you operate, El-jude provides Septic Tank Pumping, Cleaning and Repair services for all types of commercial, industrial, and municipal customers, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Car washes
  • Housing complexes
  • Pump stations
  • Storm drains
  • Various holding tanks

    You can be confident that our septic services are environmentally friendly and compliant with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

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    Our Septic Services

    We offer the following Septic System services:
    • Septic Tank Pumping for Residential, Estate, Industrial and Commercial
    • Septic System Maintenance
    • Septic System Cleaning
    • Septic Tank Repair
    • Installation of New Septic Tanks
    • Construction of New Septic Systems for Residential, Estates, Industrial, etc
    • Inspection and Repair of Lift Stations
    • Replacement of Lift Stations
    • Clearing Lift Station Alarms

    Septic Tank Pumping

    Most septic tanks require pumping every Three to Five years. El-jude Environmental Cleaning Services will pump out your septic tank and transport waste to an approved treatment and processing facility.

    Safety is our priority; we obey all environmental laws and regulations to ensure that septic tank waste is responsibly processed and poses no environmental hazards.

    Routine septic tank pumping is the key to maintaining a properly functioning commercial septic system. Neglecting regular septic tank maintenance leaves your system susceptible to hardened grease that can cause clogged drains and wastewater backups in and out of the building.

    How often should I have my septic system pumped?
    The pumping frequency of a commercial septic system is dependent on several factors, including:

    • Type of business
    • Size of septic tank
    • Wastewater volume
    • Amount of organic material in the wastewater

    Septic tanks with high concentrations of fat, oil, grease and chemicals require more frequent septic tank pumping for optimal function. The EPA reports that while the average septic system is pumped every three years, those with electrical float switches, pumps or mechanical components should be inspected more often. In general, we recommend having your septic system inspected and pumped once a year to be safe.

    Our septic system inspection can help you determine the proper pumping schedule for your business.

    Septic System Maintenance

    In addition to Septic Tank Pumping, El-jude plumbers can perform a thorough septic system inspection to verify proper operation, recommend a preventative maintenance schedule, and identify potential problems before they become severe. Our commercial septic inspections include the following services:

    • Inspect for leaks and cracks.
    • Check for signs of back-up.
    • Remove sludge.
    • Jet clean inlet and outlet pipes.
    • Clear roots and clogs from system.
    • Test and repair mechanical and electrical components, including:
      • Pumps
      • Float controls
      • Alarms
      • Baffles
      • Access scum and sludge layers to determine an appropriate pumping schedule.

    Why is septic system maintenance so important?

    Given how expensive it is to replace a septic system, proper maintenance is an important step to keeping your septic system healthy. The more proactive you are in caring for and maintaining your septic system, the longer that septic system will last. When maintaining your septic tank, the goal is to prevent the accumulation of solids, as well as any groundwater contamination.

    Below is an easy four-step maintenance program, which if followed carefully, will prevent solid build-up and ensure that your system will operate at peak efficiency for many years to come.

    Four Steps to Septic System Maintenance

  • Responsible Pumping – Each household should be on a regular septic service schedule to prevent the accumulation of solids in their system. Servicing frequency varies per household.

  • High-Pressure Water Jetting – All septic systems, regardless of responsible pumping, will accumulate solids and other debris in their drain pipes. The presence of these solids clogs the pipes that connect the septic tank to the drain field. Therefore, we recommend high-pressure water jetting every five years to eliminate and clear any debris that could prevent your system from operating efficiently.

  • Use a Bacteria Additive – Septic owners should use a live organic bacteria that breaks down the presence of unnatural substances and solids, like detergents and soaps, that sometimes enter your septic system. If these common household substances penetrate your septic system they kill off the naturally occurring bacteria that allow your system to function properly. Bacteria additives keep your pipes odor free, clean and clear.

  • Install an Effluent Filter – Your filter, which prevents solids from entering into your drain field, needs to be cleaned or replaced whenever you service your system.

  • Septic Tank Cleaning

    Hiring a professional waste disposal company is the ultimate way to take care of the cleaning process.

    El-jude Environmental Cleaning Services are experts in septic tank cleaning. We have trained, knowledgeable staffs that can identify the cause of problems you may be having with your Septic Tank. A well maintained septic tank system can provide years of reliable low-cost service.

    However, when systems fail, the cost of repair can be high. This can cause unpleasant smells, blocked drains and the environmental pollution. It is therefore important to regularly empty your septic tank system.

    Signs your Septic Tank needs to be inspected and cleaned:

  • Wet patches in lawn in the vicinity of the Septic Tank/Percolation area
  • Greener heavier grass in one area, below the septic tank area.
  • If the Septic Tank is filling up quicker than normal for no obvious reason.

  • Your Septic Tank Cleaning majorly depends on the people living in the household and its usage. If the septic tank had not been cleared for year, there are greater chances that the drain field is clogged. El-jude makes sure that heavy sludge is removed making space for proper drainage.

    We use gully suckers to do the heavy cleaning. We start by emptying the tank and removing all the solid wastes that had been collected. The waste is collected in a gully sucker, which is a tank truck with a suction gear. This pump sucks wastewater and sludge from the septic tank into the tank on the lorry.

    Septic Tank Repairs

    Installing or Repairing a septic tank is not an easy task, and doing it incorrectly could lead to damage that allows sewage and contaminated water to leak into the ground below. But at El-jude, we have experienced team members who provide all kinds of septic services including service for drain fields, grease traps, lift stations, etc in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and Enugu.

    If you are having an issue with your septic system, give us a call at El-jude Environmental Cleaning Services Limited. We have experience in the industry. You can trust that our technicians will do every job right the first time.

    There are many different problems that can occur with septic tanks/percolation areas. Very often most of them will make themselves known in the form of a FOUL SMELL, CRACKS AND BREAKS in the lids and walls of tanks. These pose a major cause for concern from safety point of view. It could also affect the proper functioning of the tank. The purpose of the sealed tank is to encase the solid material until it breaks down settles and accumulates for disposal.

    Kinds of Repair Works to be Carried Out

    We offer a complete service. This can range from the simple use of hand tools, to complete excavation works where necessary. El-jude is always taken to a customer, and every effort is made to leave grounds as close to the way they were found.

    How Long Will It Take

    This will vary quite a bit depending on the scale of the job, however, under normal condition; we would not expect any job to extend much longer than a week. The customer will be briefed on a regular basis as to the progress of the job.

    Is the Repair Works Quality Assured?

    El-jude ltd strive to provide the best possible service to their customers. The company engineers and technicians will first conduct an onsite assessment to identify the problem, and then recommend the best course of action. The job is then carried out by our highly experienced and well-equipped staff. When all works are completed, the system is tested under normal working conditions.

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