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Waste Management

Waste Management

Ejecs Ltd is one of the pioneer providers of comprehensive waste management services in Nigeria. It has wide range of experience in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Waste Management. Ejecs has the capacity to Clean Storage Tanks using specialized equipment and trained personnel. We specialize in the provision of Professional, High Quality Waste Management and Treatment Services using best available technology.

Ejecs offers a wide range of Household, Commercial, and Industrial Solid and Liquid Waste Management Services.

Our Waste Management Services include:

• Effective Collection and Safe Disposal of Solid Wastes
• Removal, Treatment, and Disposal of Liquid Wastes.
• Sewage Treatment Plants and Storage Tanks Cleaning Services.
• Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Wastes Collection, Treatment and Disposal by Incineration.
• Waste Audit of Site Operations.
• Environmental Site Assessment, Clean-Up of Contaminated Lands and Areas.
• Oil Spill Response and Clean-Up Operations.
• Chemical Spills Clean-Up and Disposal Operations.
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