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We provide Final Construction Cleaning of your entire facility, including Floors, Cabinetry, Walls, etc. We are leaders in the construction cleaning Industry {Our Post Construction Cleaning Services Include } a. Washing of all Surfaces b. Dust removal from the Ceiling, Pipes, Duct Work, Vents, Light Fixtures, etc. c. Stain Removal, Scrubbing, Dusting, Vacuuming of all Surfaces. d. Cleaning of the Insides (Desks and File Cabinets). e. Thorough Scrubbing, Sanitizing of Kitchens and Bathrooms. f. Scrub Floor Tiles, Polish Stainless Steel, Wipe Walls, etc. g. Floor Cleaning, Waxing, Buffing h. Cleaning Window Sills and Window Frames i. Window and Glass Cleaning, including - Scraping and Etching Removal

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