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This Service includes: • Fire Equipment Maintenance and Fire Alarm Systems • Fire Safety {Fire Equipment Maintenance and Fire Alarm Systems} Fire Fighting Equipment is the equipment used to extinguish fire. At Ejecs we care about your organization fire department and it’s firefighting equipment. We can assist your fire department by enhancing the ability of these equipment to respond at short notice to hazardous situations like fire outbreak This service covers the application, installation, location, performance, inspection, testing, and maintenance of fire alarm systems, supervising station alarm systems, public emergency alarm reporting systems, fire warning equipment and emergency communications systems (ECS), and their components. • FM-200 Automatic Fire Suppression System • Analog Addressable Fire Alarm System • Conventional Fire Alarm System • Automatic Water Sprinklers System • Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel System • Burglar Alarm System • Surveillance Equipment ( C.C.T.V; Auto-dialer, Intrusion/Raider Alarm e.t.c) • Fire Extinguishers • Emergency Lighting System • Detection and Alarm Systems installation and maintenance • Fire Hose Reel and Stand Pipes installation and maintenance • Sprinkler System installation and maintenance • FM200 installation and maintenance. • Supply, Installation and maintenance of potable fire extinguishers • Safety Signage • Security and Access Control Systems. {Fire Safety} This service involves all facets of a facility that relate to preventing fires. The threat from fire carries one of the highest risk to loss of life, and the potential to damage to property or business shut down. In the event of a fire, Ejecs has well trained professionals that could help contain and put it out, and also move people in the building to safety. These professionals respond to emergencies calmly and swiftly Ejecs Fire Fighting Teams are acquainted with safety routes of the facility under their watch. It is our duty to ensure that Smoke Detectors are in their working condition, Fire Extinguishers are well positioned, and Fire Escape Doors are Open. We engage the staffs of the organizations within the facility on weekly Fire Safety training to ensure that each staff knows what to do if there is fire outbreak in their individual offices, or within the facility as a whole. We carry out routine Maintenance, Inspection and Testing for all of the Fire Safety Equipment and Systems within the facility making sure that they in good condition.

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